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"New to pool ownership in 2014, we discovered Schaffer Pool through word-of-mouth referral, and we have not been disappointed. Maintenance of our system has not been without its challenges, starting with a virtual mudslide into our pool due to torrential rain on opening day in Spring 2015. Mike and his team diligently worked to make the best of a bad situation; particularly as our pool has a vinyl liner and therefore could not simply be drained and refilled. The Schaffer team worked diligently, even hand-porting water and debris in order to restore our pool to crystal clean balance. The team patiently educated us throughout the season on maintenance, care and the occasional repair -- all at a great value for the market. Mike and his team provide consistent, quality service and I not only value them; I trust them.

As a professional realtor, referring Schaffer Pool to clients is not only putting Schaffer's reputation on the line, it's putting mine on the line as well. That's not something I take lightly! I wouldn't hesitate to refer friends, neighbors or clients to Schaffer Pool."

-Julie Novak